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Self-transformation starts here.

Transformation is often more about unlearning then learning.
– Unknown

It is our sincere belief that the consumption of psilocybin-containing mushrooms is a communion that is supportive in the healing process, encourages essential transformation for optimal well-being, and brings us closer to LOVE. We understand LOVE to be what many would refer to as ‘God.’ LOVE is an energy, a space, a domain, a way of being and even more than humanly possible to completely conceptualize, though through certain processes and experiences we may glimpse the magnitude and awe. We understand this concept as pure consciousness, sentient energy, which permeates all being. This pure consciousness, sentient energy is, we believe, the origin of health, well-being, and enlightened, evolved existence. LOVE & Transformation Church is a nurturing, non-religious, non-dogmatic, non-hierarchical LOVE based organization. We believe in the sovereignty of being and the ability in revealing and experiencing freedom. It is our sovereign right to commune with nature and utilize sacred sacrament to support our healing and transformative journey. Freedom is possible when we show up with pure and genuine curiosity, a LOVING intention and alignment, and a dedicated practice to self-development, autonomy, and LOVE.

Our philosopy

LOVE is the answer and freedom is possible.

We believe in LOVE above all and that LOVE is everything.
We are here to remember LOVE, be LOVE, and remind others of LOVE.
We believe in the LOVING practice of uplifting our vibration to be aligned with LOVE as is possible.
We believe healing is possible and that we are designed for it.
We believe in the ‘interconnectedness’ of all things and that it is our honor and duty to be in communication with and commune with all of nature and what it has to offer.
We believe that energy is what makes up all of life and all energy is sentient.
We believe in the energy and intelligence of plants, trees, and fungi.
We believe in using plants, trees, and fungi as sacrament and support within the healing process.

By denouncing fear and doing the work to transform from being hateful, greedy, hurtful, selfish, vindictive, spiteful, willfully ignorant, and fearful into being mindfully aware, thoughtful, compassionate, kind, respectful, and engage wonderment and pure, genuine curiosity we get closer to LOVE. We know that by transforming our minds and our focus, we transform our energy. Our energy determines our vibration and our vibration determines our energy. LOVE is the energy and vibration we choose and aligning with it is our nature. Exist in and with LOVE.

Our mission is to share a message of LOVE that encourages and supports all to LOVE, care for, and heal their soul, body, and mind; knowing they are capable and deserving of transformational LOVE.